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A sport with you

               for a lifetime

Golf is not only a sport to strengthen your body, but also a sport you can play for a whole life.  Playing golf on the beautiful green under the sun that is a real treat in a busy life.  Come and experience the fun of golf today and we offer different levels of lessons for you to explore golfing.   

Canva - Golf and Grass.jpg

6 Spacious

Practicing Bays

We are using the latest technology of golf simulator - Bravo.  It equipped with the excellent sensor system BV21.  It has the latest shooting high-speed camera detect golf ball flying through three-dimensional monitoring of track and measure your shots with a high degree of accuracy of 99.99%. You can enjoy feeling like a real golf course in the exact impact of rounding.


1000 sq. fts + Putting Green

We proudly provide a high-performance indoor chipping and putting green. It is over 1,000 square feet and the grass was made by TigerTurf New Zealand which is the experienced and innovative artificial turf supplier.  Practicing in the green will make you feel playing in a real golf course.

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