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Membership has its privileges. Members can enjoy our facilities and receive discounts for attending all our sports lessons and other activities.


Contact us and visit our beautiful center in Tseung Kwan O and speak with a membership representative today.

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Price List for Tree
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It all starts with a dream:


A dream to promote golf to Hong Kong junior, a dream to help junior and Hongkies happy and healthy, a dream to have a club that is family-oriented and absolutely kids-friendly.


We’ve been making dreams come true since 2006. We first start in Kowloon as AUSTRALIAN GOLF ACADEMY, then we move to a bigger place at SCAA, Causeway Bay. In 2021, we designed to take a big step forward, we established the " TREE HEALTH & SPORTS" that provide more than just golf in the city center.

And grass came up on the earth, and every plant producing seed of its sort, and every tree producing fruit, in which is its seed, of its sort: and God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1: 12

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