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- a Whole-Person Training

Fencing demands a sophisticated manipulation of physicality, logic, critical thinking, creativity and EQ. Its holistic training equips youngsters to strive a successful life. It is a family sport that both parents and children enjoy.


About LEHK & the Coaching Team

LEHK was founded by a group of passionate and experienced HK fencing team members and coaches in 2005. LEHK aims to develop and promote fencing in HK. Our Technical Director, Mr. Cheung Siu Lun, Champion of 2018 Asia Games and representative of 2021 Tokyo Olympic, supervises LEHK training programs. Mr. Cheung analysed and integrated training methods of different countries to train young fencers in Hong Kong, aiming to continue the legend of fencing in HK.

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Lesson Timetable and Fee

Lesson Timetable and fees-fencing
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