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Ip Man didn't invent

Wing Chun for movie only

In the movie, we know that Wing Chun is a very interesting exercise and it can strengthen our bodies.  Master Ip Man also fully demonstrated the characters of Wing Chun – courtesy, benevolence and faithfulness.  To have good characters like him, come and join the class of disciple of Master Ip Man now.

About Master chan

More about Master SUN and Min Xi Tang

Min Xi Tang was founded in 2014. With the purpose of inheriting Chinese traditional culture, we are committed to promote Wing Chun and Chinese traditional arts.  We focus not only on adult education, but also on the cultivation of children. Planting the seeds of culture in the hearts of students is our vision.  Let the new generations explore the fine traditional cultures in their early age to cultivate the good morals of courtesy, benevolence, filial piety and faithfulness.

Lesson time tables and classes

Lesson Timetable & Fee

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WingChun book trial

Trial Lesson Booking

Wanna have a try-out ? Book a trial session now!
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